I’ve always been something of a maverick, which has been both good and sometimes challenging over the years, but I wouldn’t change it for the world – it’s who I am and it gives me my ‘flair’.

From my early days at school I conceived entrepreneurial (if slightly crazy) creative schemes that got me into trouble, but made me something of a winner.

I would forge and sell prefect passes for my friends, so they could bunk out of school at lunchtime; or buy boxes of chocolates and sell raffle tickets for them, so I could buy cigs and David Bowie records. I seemed perfectly capable of applying myself, and my schemes made a tidy profit.

I finally got booted out of a very posh girls’ boarding school for shoving my lacrosse stick through the changing room wall and bringing down all the plaster. I never looked back.

That enterprising, slightly criminal streak has never left me, and I have launched businesses, written, traveled, gone wild, danced til dawn, and done a million things that have made life worth living. I’m a glass more than half full.

And that rebellious streak is what makes me genuinely exciting and innovative to work with.

These days I still write, but I’m also an experienced entrepreneur, a gifted content strategist and marketing consultant, and a great editor. It’s a pretty good life and I’m full of gratitude for the ride.

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